• Curriculum Vitae

    Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Studio Art, University of California, Berkeley
    Master of Arts Degree, Studio Art, California State University, Sacramento


    2021 Pence Gallery "Marking Time" Davis, CA.
    2020 Board of Supervisors Chambers "Sympathetic Gestures", Sacramento, CA.
    2019 Siorac en Perigord Open Studio "Noir et Blanc" Dordogne, France
    2018 Jules Ferry Studio "Narrative", Montreuil/Paris, France
    2017 Leveld Konstartun "Norway Series 2017" Open Studios, Leveld, Norway
    2016 Red Skirted Woman and Pink Pants Man, Artspace 1616, Sacramento, CA.
    2016 Open Studio, La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts, Noyers, France
    2015 Figurative Collage, SMUD Gallery and Sacramento Metropolitan
    Arts Commission, Sacramento, CA
    2014 Circle Series, International Artist in Residence, Konstepidemin,
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    2014 The Show, Shimo Center for the Arts, Sacramento, CA
    2013 International Artist in Residence, Studio One, Konstepidemin,
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    2013 de Young Museum, Kimball Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    2012 California to China, Alex Bult Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2012 June Bei Gao Exhibition, Beijing, China
    2011 July Exhibition, Ondarte, Akumal, Mexico
    2010 Night and Day, Villa Sträuli, Winterthur (Zurich), Switzerland
    2009 Innovation, Banff Centre for Art, Alberta, Canada
    2008 Selected Work, Supper Club Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    2008 New Work, Pamela Skinner, Gwenna Howard Contemporary Art,
    Sacramento, CA
    2005 Bits and Pieces, Ridley Gallery, Rocklin, CA
    2004 Transitions, Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2003 Innocence and Chaos, James Kaneko Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2001 Selected Pieces, Oak Café, American River College, Sacramento, CA
    2000 It’s About Time, Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    1986 Fabric Figures by Susan Tonkin Riegel, Himovitz Solomon Gallery,
    Sacramento, CA
    1986 Fabric Figures in Chicago, Himovitz Chicago Gallery, Chicago, IL
    1985 Dolls and Other Things to Play With, Slant Gallery, Sacramento, CA


    2023 Pamela Skinner Contemporary Gallery, Private Showing
    2022 Pamela Skinner Contemporary Gallery, Private Showing
    2021 Jen Tough Gallery, Phoenomenal: Contemporary Abstraction
    juror, Mark Ashworth, Sante Fe, New Mexico
    2021 Fort Sutter Hotel Gallery, select artists, Sacramento, CA.
    2021 Copelouzos Family Art Museum, "Cov-art" Athens, Greece
    2021 Chinatown Alley Gallery, "Group Show" Sacramento, CA.
    2019 Artspace1616, "Five Years in Fifty + 1" Sacramento, CA.
    2019 Chinatown Alley Gallery, "Its a Mix" Sacramento, CA.
    2018 Chinatown Alley Gallery, "snippets of Paris" Sacramento, CA
    2018 Konstnartunet, invitational exhibition and festival, Leveld, Norway
    2018 Chinatown Alley Gallery, 2 person exhibition, Sacramento, CA.
    2018 Katie's Cache “Work and Collection of Katie Borcz” Ridley Gallery,
    Rocklin, CA
    2017 S K U L L show, invitational exhibition w/ P. Skinner and G. Howard,
    at Artspace1616, Sacramento, CA
    2017 Human Voices: the Female Voice, Beatnik Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2017 Ligne Roset, San Francisco, CA.
    2017 Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition juror- Squeak Carnwath,
    Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
    2017 University of Texas at Tyler 32nd Annual International Juried
    Exhibition- juror, Ken Little, University of Texas, TX
    2015 Now and Then - Artspace1616, Sacramento, CA
    2015 Variations on Abstraction - Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA.
    2015 Grand Opening, Brayer Gallery - juried show, Ventura, CA.
    2014 Passages, Verum Ultimum - juried show, Portland, Oregon
    2014 Artful Happy Hour, Pamela Skinner Loft, Sacramento, CA.
    2014 Mixed Media Invitational, E Street Gallery, Sacramento, CA.
    2014 Inside Out, Verum Ultimum - juried show, Portland, Oregon
    2014 The Temp presents: Artists of the Blue Line Arts, Temporary Contemporary
    Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2014 Skinner Howard Revisited, Temporary Contemporary Gallery,
    Sacramento, CA.
    2013 Gems II, Benicia Arts, Benicia, CA.
    2013 Fusion, Eggman & Walrus Gallery- FIRST PLACE, juried show,
    Santa Fe, NM
    2013 Center for Contemporary Arts, Pink Week Show, juried,
    Sacramento, CA
    2013 Gallery 621, Friends for the Holidays, invitational, Benicia, CA
    2013 Benicia Arts, GEMS II, juried show, Benicia, CA
    2013 Urban Visions II, Red Dot Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2013 Collage Etc., 21Ten Main Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2013 Layers, Transmission Gallery, Oakland, CA
    2012 Year of Recap, Alex Bult Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2012 Artfolio 21, Sacramento Art Complex, Sacramento, CA
    2012 Couples Skinner Howard Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
    2011 Recent Acquisitions that incorporate Found Objects Crocker Art Museum,
    Sacramento, CA
    2011 Invitational, Dog and Cat Show Skinner Howard Contemporary Art,
    Sacramento, CA
    2011 Drawing Connections Sienna Art Institute, Sienna, Italy
    2011 Billboard Project Chicago, Ill
    2011 Annual Juried Show Sylvia White Gallery, Ventura, CA.
    2011 Art Jam Invitational Skinner/Howard Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA.
    2011 Selected Works for Jubilee Villa Sträuli, Winterthur, Switzerland
    2010 Dog, Cat and Horse Invitational Skinner/Howard Contemporary
    Art, Sacramento, CA.
    2009 Dog and Cat Invitational Skinner Howard Contemporary Art,
    Sacramento, CA.
    2009 Sierra College Faculty Show Rocklin, CA.
    2009 Invitational Show “Box Show ARTS, Auburn, CA.
    2009 Sketchbook Project Art House Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
    2008 -2006 Dog and Cat Invitational Pamela Skinner Contemporary Art,
    Sacramento, CA.
    2006 Women Artists of the Johnson Collection Brisbane City
    Hall Gallery, Brisbane, CA
    2006 Visual Character, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
    2006 Art Jam, Pamela Skinner Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    2006 Juried Open Exhibition (George Herms), VIVA Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA
    Sierra College Faculty Shows, Rocklin, CA
    2005 American River College Faculty Shows, Sacramento, CA
    2004 Articulation, Robert Else Gallery, CSUS, Sacramento, CA
    2004 Cowtown, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA
    2002 Portrait of My Father Invitational, Center for Contemporary Art,
    Sacramento, CA
    2000 Cal STRS Exhibition, Sacramento, CA
    1998 Boat Show, California State University, Sacramento, CA
    1997 Religious Show, Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    1996 White Gallery Reunion Show, Sacramento, CA
    1996 Bulldog Invitational, Encina Art Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    1985 Manifestation, Shackelford and Sears Gallery, Davis, CA
    1984 California Works State Fair Art Show, Sacramento, CA
    1983 Living with the Unique, Jerome Evans Gallery, Sacramento, CA
    1981 New Work, Michael Himovitz Gallery, Sacramento, CA


    2022 "Mixed Media Granite Bay Artist finds inspiration everywhere"
    INSIDE Sacramento by Jessica Laskey pg. 48-49
    2022 "Get a Room": Fort Sutter Artists, Sactown magazine Jan/Feb,
    pg. 72 by Leilani Marie Labong
    2021 "Tonkin Riegel's Hour: Artist Shows work in Hotel, Museum and
    Galleries", Granite Bay View
    2019 "Around the world for art" by Gloria Young, Granite Bay View
    2017 "71 Women in Their Studios" book by Fishback, Kurt photographer
    2017 "Skulls, dolls, and birds aplenty at artspace1616" Victoria Dalkey, Sac Bee,
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    2016 "ARTISTIC INTUITION" by Debra Belt, Artist Spotlight, Inside Publications
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    2016 "INSIDE PUBLICATIONS" Sacramento, CA, cover
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    2013 "FUSION" juried encaustic art exhibit encaustiCON 2013, Ann-Marie Barker,
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    2013 "April Artist-in-Residence, Susan Tonkin Riegel," SF Gate, San Francisco
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    2013 "Midtown Gallery mounts skillfull Collage Show," Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento
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    2012 "Portrait of the Artists," Laura O'Brien, Granite Bay View,
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    201 “Encaustic Works 2012,” A Biennial Exhibition in Print,
    R & F Handmade Paints
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    2008 “Pick of the Galleries,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    2007 “Critics Pick,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    2006 “Raw But Well Done,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    2005 “Riegels Return,” Granite Bay View Magazine
    2005 “A Place to Paint,” Susan Belknap, Press Tribune
    2003 “Artist Opens Home to Relaxation Art,” Press Tribune
    2002 “Pop Art,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    2001 “Riegel: Minimal but Magnificent,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    1998 “Great Outdoors the Perfect Palette for Stirring Kids’ Muse,”
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    1985 “Art Review,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee
    1985 “Whimsy and Reverence,” Janice Edwards, On the Wing
    1985 “Christmas Show,” Del McColm, Davis Enterprise
    1981 “Art Review,” Ellen Schlesinger, Sacramento Bee
    1980 “Four Women Artists,” Victoria Dalkey, Sacramento Bee


    2019 Siorac en Perigord, self-directed residency, Dordogne, France
    2018 Montreuil/Paris, self-directed residency, France
    2017 Leveld Konstartun International Art Residency Fellowship, Leveld, Norway
    2016 La Porte Peinte Centre pour les Arts Residency, Noyers sur Surein, France
    2016 La Cascade, artist workshop facilitator, Durfort, France
    2015 La Cascade, artist workshop facilitator, Durfort, France
    2014 Konstepidemin Art Residency II, Gothenburg, Sweden
    2013 Konstepidemin Art Residency, Gothenburg, Sweden
    2013 De Young Museum, Artist in Residence, San Francisco, CA
    2012 Red Gate Residency, Beijing, China
    2011 Ondarte International Art Residency, Akumal, Mexico
    2010 Villa Sträuli, Artist-In-Residence Fellowship, Sulzberg Foundation, Winterthur, Switzerland
    2009 Banff Centre for the Arts, self-directed residency, Alberta, Canada


    Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece
    Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California
    Hilton Paragary Boutique Hotel, Sacramento, CA.
    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Casagrande, Sacramento, California
    Collection of Pamela Skinner, Sacramento, California
    Collection of Dr. William Bronston, Fair Oaks, California
    Mrs. Lynn Blankfort, Mill Valley, CA.
    Mr. Robert Tonkin, Topanga, California
    Mrs. Russell Selix, Mill Valley, California
    Mrs. Dore Selix Gabby, San Francisco, California
    Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Steve McWicki, Davis, California
    Mr. Lei Wei Chang, Bei Gao, China
    Mr. and Mrs. Niyati and John Winn, Sacramento
    Mrs. Sylvie Heller, Sacramento
    Mrs. Jan Geiger, Sacramento
    Mr. and Mrs. David Bernard, San Geronimo, California
    Mr. and Mrs. Cooper McDonagh, Montana
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Short, California
    Dr. Richard Borghi, Tennessee
    Mrs. Katrina Kennedy, Sacramento
    Mr. Tom Weborg, California
    Mr.and Mrs. Pedro Lopez, Cancun, Mexico
    Mrs. Gabrielle Huggenberg, Winterthur, Switzerland
    Mrs. Annali Johansson, Zurich, Switzerland
    Ms. Malin Bodin, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Mr. Jakob Aagard, Oslo, Norway
    Mr. and Mrs. James Tonkin, Scottsdale, Arizona
    Collection of Lilah Stone, Miami, Florida
    Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Berman, Maui, Hawaii
    Mrs. Leslie Thuman, San Felipe, Texas
    Ms. Margaret Doty, Tacoma, Washington
    Mr. and Mrs. David Kelly, Boise, Idaho
    Ms. Sandra Wilson, Fairfield, Iowa
    Dr. Leslie Hirshaut, Loomis, California
    Mrs. Tess Keehn, Orangevale, California
    Mr. and Mrs. Celia and Leo Rubio, Sacramento, California
    Darya Bronston, Santa Barbara, California